Working in private practice showed me that therapy alone has little effect on lasting change.

This frustrating realization took me down a rabbit hole. Now I treat people as a whole rather then treating separate “broken” brains.  The conventional model of psychology encourages talk therapy for years or decades.  I became frustrated because it didn’t align with my newfound knowledge and truth.

I wanted to give people tools to heal themselves.

Optimal wellness is the examination of thoughts, attention to the gut, the psychology of the body, and the energy of the soul.  What we know as mental illness is not a disease that we carry as a label for a lifetime.  It is a symptom with a clear message to provide mind and body with homeostasis.

The therapy model started with Freud has not caught up to these breakthroughs.  This is unfair for patients and therapists.

A new model does not provide quick fixes, but I trust that isn’t what you’re looking for. I trust you are willing to do the work. I’ll share with you my latest articles and tools for your own daily practice of intuitive healing. For those who make the commitment to self, your life can begin changing in any present moment.

Human beings are powerful beyond our awareness.  We are being sold short.  It is my honor to walk beside you on your journey.