What I’m Up To

What I’m Up To

Blog 12.2018

Good Reads:

The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes.  This book is a big one, but I find myself picking it up every spare moment I have.  It’s expanding my mind in every way.

Music I’m loving:

Thievery Corporation.  Coming back to their music is like returning to an old friend.  I love every album.

Quotes that resonated:

“Pain is the doorway to wisdom and to truth” -Keith Miller

Idea that’s on my mind:

I’ve been thinking a lot about trauma.  How to heal it.  Where it’s stored in the body.  How to create new narratives around it.  I’ve been diving deep into how we can release trauma and look forward to eventually creating a program around this.

Follower discovery:

A follower introduced me to a TED talk called “How our microbes make us who we are” by Rob Knight.  If you want to learn more about the role of microbes in our health and life experience this is a great talk.  You can watch this on youtube.

Lesson Learned this week:

There is no top to the mountain.  Right when we think we’ve reached the “top,” we learn there is more to learn and more to heal within ourselves.  When we accept that there is no top to the mountain, we begin to understand and enjoy the process.  Its only when we expect an end to we rush through and judge our experience.

Recipe of the Week:

Garlic Butter Chicken Liver

Turn pan to high

Cook on high for 1 minute on each side

Turn to low and give it a few minutes to cool down

Add butter and garlic

Let the liver cook for 3 minutes

Eat as is or add as a top to salad or guacamole